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It's Time to ditch the tube.

Zero-waste personal care that's good for the body and planet.

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Tablet Refills
Tablet Refills

Tablet Refills


  • 1 month supply! - 65 tablets 

Choose from our 5 Crush & Brush flavors: 

-Crush & Brush MINT 
-Crush & Brush MINT/CHARCOAL
-Crush & Brush GRAPE SODA
OR our choose our Mouthwash tablets!

*These are intended as refills for your glass jar. Once your pouch is opened transfer to a sealed container. Tablets will absorb moisture. 

CRUSH & SWISH Mouthwash

Natural Mouthwash tablets that are good for the body and planet.


The Original Zero Waste Toothpaste!

Yes, Nelson Naturals toothpaste and deodorant comes in jars. It’s not the plastic tube you grew up with, and that’s a good thing. Single-use plastics are filling and contaminating our landfills and oceans, and we all need to make changes.

So far, our customers have helped us divert millions of tubes from landfills and oceans!


KIDs Toothpaste: Flavors for the whole family

Our Soda Pop flavored toothpaste tablets are sure to be a hit with your kids, and the kid in you. Make brushing fun!

Rootbeer Float
Grape Soda
Tangerine Dream

Shop Soda Pop Collection


One jar, endless uses.

Jar getting low? We have hundreds of locations that carry our natural toothpaste and deodorant in bulk. Find one near you to get a top up today.

Where to Refill

tips & tricks

how to crush & brush

1. Place tablet in mouth 

2. Crush with teeth.

3. Experience effervescent fizzing and foaming.

4. Brush normally!

period after opening

This little symbol is called a PAO. You'll find it on most cosmetic prodcuts, and it denotes the most ideal timeline in which to use a product aftet opening it for the first time. For our prodcuts, we recommend using them up within 2 months :)
We recommend using our natural deodorant within 12 months of opening.

contains xylitol!

All of our natural toothpastes contain xylitol, which is great news for your mouth and teeth! However please be aware that xylitol is toxic to dogs. Xylitol can be found in oral care products, gums, baked goods, and even peanut butter so please be careful with your pups!